CKR Piling & Drilling Co. is specialist contractor who has executed and completed deep foundations and land improvement projects with its wide range of machinery and professional team of engineers and experienced operators. Our company was established in 2013 and based in ─░stanbul.


We have strived to provide our clients with a fully integrated chain of services under the umbrella of Foundation Engineering Practice.


We are providing deep excavations, deep foundations, land improvement, shoring and slope stabilization services with a professional team of managers, engineers and operators along with the internal machinery capacity.


We have expanded the quantity of the machinery and the number of our personnel since we initiated our business in 2013 and we continue to grow bigger focusing on the quality and customer satisfaction while we adapt developing bigger market relations.  Up to this moment we have completed many projects and gained the reputation by creating the customer satisfaction impact in our market.


We share our experience and professionalism with the project owner and reflect our engineering quality to the projects in order to complete the projects on time within the required production quality. CKR Piling & Drilling Co. has a team of personnel consisting of qualified engineers, managers, specialist operators, designers and mechanical maintenance staff.  Most of our personnel have been the part of the services we have been providing since we have established our firm and most of them are highly experienced in their branches which is gained through years.